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 Queen's Necklace

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PostSubject: Queen's Necklace    Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:52 pm

World of War craft "There are many memorable sentimental mission. TBC blood elf area, the most sentimental, than the "Queen's Necklace" (The Lady's Necklace) in this task. In the ghost land (Ghost lands) were popular in the southwest bags yard of the tower (Spire of Wind runner), where the undead killing Ranger and Dai Acolyte fall, there will be a chance to drop a necklace. Inscribed with the words:
To Sylvanias. Love always, Algeria.
Algeria Wind runner is a pro-Sylvanias sister, Algeria this necklace is a gift to Lady Sylvanias. Leah is Aurelio Ranger General of, one of five heroes the Portal (Storm the gates of the five statues). Together she and her expedition Tura Lyon Outland . Is reported to the outer domain, the beauty with heroes, Algeria become Tura Lyon wife. TBC in related tasks, their son is looking for the half-elf Aerator them.
Sylvanias necklace that, how will the popularity of ghost land, where the Tower of those happen?
Task 1:
This sparkling necklace filled in the land of the dark ghost of air they can not hide the brilliant piece of precious stones. From the words inscribed on the necklace, this is what Wind runner! Perhaps it should be the first senior executives to Takeo Ma √Član? He seemed to be forgotten here, the most respectable, he must know how to deal with this necklace.
Task 2:
This can be a no! This necklace seems to be the Queen's sister; Algeria Wind runner gave her a gift! The best thing you immediately sent to this dark city, personally handed over to the Queen. Sylvanias Wind runner in under city in the Royal area. You can pass the portal of Silver City, then take the elevator the under city. If you can not find the Royal area, it is best to see
Do not think this guide is just a boring task! Really wonderful in the back!!
Back to under city, Sylvanias Wind runner to there, offer this necklace. Surprisingly, Sylvanias threw the necklace
The ground. Obviously, as a Dark Lady, Queen of the Forsaken race, she did not want too many fronts Oakley sunglasses and the devil showing her sister's feelings, and life experience of the love of the high elves. But soon, the sentimental scene appeared.
Sylvanias has up the necklace, and opened it, and then call out the spirits of the four female high elves and began to Elvis, himself singing a mournful dirge - The Lament of the Highborn. Undead or Blood Elf who, should kneel down to listen.
Originally close to self-protection doctrine, in the international process, will inevitably become a stumbling block, and good human wisdom is infinite, and line the transformation process, unrelated to the original gauge railway has not been destroyed, but The tory burch shoes side of the track re-laying the new standard gauge track, so a two standard way, different specifications of the trains can travel. Thus, in the same railway line, there have been four rail parallel situations.
And disappearance of heritage conservation
there is no doubt that the railway is unique in the Middle East reflects the integrity of the early 20th century industrialization and modernization process of physical, the integrity of its railway heritage, and systematic
highly representative in the country, unique. However, such a cultural heritage is struggling to protect and disappeared. November 2008, Harbin to Qiqihar Railway Passenger and Intercity start. Harbin to Qiqihar city railway line to design line in the existing right of Jinzhou, Jinzhou line with the existing (Middle East of the tory burch flats from Harbin to Manchuria, also known as the western part) in parallel, along through Harbin, Zhao Dong, Nada, Dazing Taking, Qiqihar and other cities, because the vast majority of this section line railway stations are located in the right side, therefore, the implementation of the program, together with Western section of Eastern Railway line retention of historic buildings had a significant impact.
The Harbin to Mudanjiang, Stiffened (Eastern Railway East) intercity rail passenger line's construction, but also has Xiangtan, as Ago, Cheng, Fuqua, small ridge, Hirayama, children cap mountain, Hibachi, side slope, Weise, Kabuli, and bar Creek sub,, Mudanjiang, tory burch reva , on behalf of the horse ditch, Mulling, Erin, the next Changsha grouch River, Guiyang, Baade He son, the original Road Stiffened, etc. next to the building posed a threat.
Scholars have pointed out; the Middle East along the railway heritage has become a public dialogue with the historical ties, in the tradition of urban culture at the same time bearing on people's memories and emotions. However, the tory burch handbags in the Middle East Railway Heritage is also very serious. Eastern Railway along the "old house" situation even more precarious.
Remains of a century "cultural Necklace" off-line at the edge of the scattered beads.

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Queen's Necklace
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