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 Bracelet bag

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PostSubject: Bracelet bag    Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:54 pm

Halo Wan is actually a length of women particularly expressive, it is a flow of poetry, a silent song, a tie Xiaoping, a story. It paused, behaved in a hesitant, as vague, especially with a bags yard moving fantastic. That being said, Halo Wan on the bracelet, it is the poem rhyme, song sheet music, pleasant short tune name, the story outline - lots to talk about, endless twists and turns of the roots of mind.
There is a class of woman is not wearing the bracelet, they are persistent belief, strong-willed group of people who have determination and ability, knowing all the time in life choice - they chose the goal of life, we do not want any details to Excuse yourself, bracelets, chains in their eyes, is bound, therefore discarded. This woman is to be successful. However, they are few. Most of the women, life among the inevitably have to wander was removed, to think twice before they thought some thin thick bracelet to hide in, when the sound of the ring Priding to show it.
When the University has a primary school girl, the Department of Chinese notoriously talented woman. Writing articles like the Ailing, from word to use people only surprise is how she came up with. But I know she is lonely: she was wearing the silver left over from the old grandmother bracelets, not one, but a string. Spoke, or unintentionally, ask her to move the bracelet, clank, clank ... ..., bracelets small sweet voice above the sound of the noisy hustle and bustle of people, so that the earthly no longer so difficult to endure.
Women like silver bracelet, heart is loving and vulnerable. Their soul in the distant sea waves, yet remain in the flesh among the Red Dust. In the dark, she quietly thinking of their most beloved person, the person will surely be as good a man. Will tory burch such a man, right? Is really not easy to hit. Therefore, the primary school girl has never married.
Mahogany girl wearing a bracelet painting, because like the delicate carving on wood bracelets. She also likes to wear cotton dress, like the high flat boots to help, like horse riding and wandering. Women wearing bracelets is like mahogany San Mao, the homeless woman, advocates a simple life there is the most heart jump. Her favorite things are often the latest wave of: playing tennis, hiking, playing junk, open convertible sports car ... ... they Beryl crystal clear emerald is said to ward off evil spirits, the women wear jade bracelets particularly high expectations of life, particularly the fantasy of love, and once failed, and that trauma is particularly shocking, long difficult to heal. Does this type of tory burch flats boyfriend, must have enough patience and heart, but also have enough wisdom, enough courage and enough net worth of capital - none of them is easy.

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Bracelet bag
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