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 Bracelets meaning

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PostSubject: Bracelets meaning    Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:56 pm

Bracelets, also known as "Chuan", "bracelet", "armbands", etc., is a ring worn on the wrist ornament. The material in addition to gold, silver, jade addition, there are those made with plant vines. Bracelets a long time, originated in matriarchal society to a patriarchal society the transition period. According to historical records, both men and bags yard wore in ancient bracelet, a symbol of married women as for men as a symbol of status or the nature of work. In addition, in the ancient society, people also believed that wearing a bracelet to ward off evil or run into good luck.
General morning wearing a bracelet is easier to noon because the blood vessels of people are not easy to put on the expansion of the bracelet. Is also quite particular about wearing bracelets, is not thinking about how to wear to how to wear, in violation of convention rules will make people laughable. When wearing a bracelet on the bracelet is not strictly limited the number, you can wear one, you can two, three or even more. If you only wear one, and should not be worn on the left hand is in the right hand; If you wear two, you can wear one of each right-hand man, or are worn on the left hand; If you wear three, it should have worn on the left hand , not wearing a hand, and the other wearing two. More than three bracelets to wear relatively rare circumstances, even to wear should be worn on the left hand also, to cause a strong sense of imbalance, to create something new, unique purpose. However, this should be supra shoes that this imbalance should match with the clothing worn to seek harmony, otherwise they will be putting in the decoration of the United States destroyed the bracelet.
If you wear a bracelet and wear the ring, you should consider the style, material, color coordination and unity. Those on the first wearing bracelets, ID bracelets should also pay attention to selecting the size, too small wrist is close to the skin caused by a sense of discomfort and even affect the blood flow; too easy for big swings in the and broke off the course. For the jade bracelet, try Daishi Yi soft mat beneath the wrist (egg, cushions and the like), so as not to fall to the ground and break if dropped.
A pair of bracelets up 700 times in 15 years
Showcase reporter encountered a collector Liu, his collection and nephrite have been for decades. In 1995, the price of 1,000 Yuan he bought a jade bracelet, to 70 million last year tried to buy one, though has gone up 700 times, but Mr. Liu was reluctant to sell. In his view, less and less good jade, it sold if the price, think about back with 70 million on the purchase impossible. Another collector also lamented a decade ago to 200 to send a friend bought the goods, and now have thousands of.
Wu Yan laminated circular jade experts said, rare, and Tina price has been so steady, but the future scarcity of resources will become increasingly prominent.
But a couple of tons annual output
why 5 years? Wu Yan told reporters that in recent years, due to state restrictions on mining, coupled with their already over-mining, fewer and fewer and nephrite. Data show that the Kunlun Mountains all the way down, including and Tina, Qinghai jade, jade and other Russian production, but two or three tons a year, it was estimated tory burch shoes 20 years is facing depletion. Wu Yan said, the real seed material for consumption over 5 years later, you want to find new goods in the market may be difficult.
With good ingredients and good carving of course, yesterday's fine show, a master of the Soviet Union then carved suet jade tablets no price. Organizers said: "We should not sell such good quality jade, together with the master carving, almost no flaws, very tory burch flats , if not the next million asking price, but even some people out of millions, it may not be sold."
Scarcity of raw materials "Korean wave" struck
Wu Yan told reporters on the market now flooded with a lot of other origin of nephrite. "Russian material, Qinghai materials, in appearance and nephrite are related to almost no knowledge is difficult to distinguish." Yan Wu said that as less and less in recent years, and Tina, and Tina prices climbing higher and higher, more expensive than gold several times, suet jade Yuan / g, good seed material to several million tory burch reva / kg, the Russian material and Qinghai material prices have gone up. "Russia is slightly better material, material prices have on the Qinghai Yuan / kg had."
In this case, businesses have begun to search for new alternatives. Therefore, the jade market began to blow, "Korean Wave", more and more Korean material appeared on the market. Wu Yan said that the price of Korean materials in general a few coach outlet dollars / kg, "very dry, not moist, not enough white, with a little gray, toughness is not enough." It is because Korean material prices are low, the average consumer is difficult to distinguish So many fans have just started and Tina to Korea and to buy materials as

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Bracelets meaning
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