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 Accompanied by large buying groups

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PostSubject: Re: Accompanied by large buying groups    Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:33 pm

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PostSubject: Accompanied by large buying groups    Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:55 am

Issue a joint statement
Quiz, director of the Chinese Institute of international stars, said this year the second decade of the century, 21 the first year, the national and international policy in many countries for a period of ten years in general, this meeting will directly affect relations between China and the U.S. over the next decade the development of qualitative relations between the two countries. In the United States next year "election year" the CCP "Eighteen large" will take place next year, next year will exclusive Oakley sunglasses The next government, the talks will be how to deal with the new government to lay the basis for relations Chinese-Americans. Sides attach great importance to the talks, the principles are pragmatic, and hoping to achieve certain results in various fields, then issued a joint statement.
Academy of Social Sciences Zhang Gouging, American experts said that the visit may also be referred as a "voice of the trip." On the one hand, this is the process of shaping the image of China, China's national image of the film was released in the United States, we set the goal of giving Americans a new right ray ban sunglasses Of China, on the other hand, the meeting, but may increase trust and reduce suspicion role in reducing friction, enhancing mutual trust.
During the visit to China's success criteria
At night the Foreign Ministry regular press conference, the reporter of "What will be the standard of Chinese President Hun Junta, the U.S. judge the success of the visit and hope to have reached an agreement with the America "issue, foreign ministry spokesman said Hong Lei, and wait for the state visit of President Hun Junta to the United States to further strengthen dialogue and communication with the United States, increase strategic mutual trust, promote development point of view of both objective and balanced each other, respect each other, the choice of fashion chanel sunglasses path, stick to mutual benefit and common development, respect for others' interests of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and development, properly handle concerns of a larger, constantly expand common interests, so that the two countries in the wider area as a partner.
A U.S. firm or a major power
17, U.S. officials said U.S. officials and China are to launch a series of trade negotiations and trade, will be released this week, the two companies signed an energy agreement.
A senior U.S. official said the United States' offers of power between companies showed special promise. These agreements allow U.S. companies involved in nuclear energy, "clean coal" and wind power and other industries, not be mens gucci sunglasses In the purchase of U.S. technology and products, and announced the creation of the United States and joint ventures.
In addition, the United States also hopes the team, aircraft and agriculture deal. The White House expects the transaction which is the core of the sales of Boeing in China.
Buying large delegation from China to the United States
from China, headed by Vice Commerce Minister Wang Chao, China's trade and investment prada sunglasses missions in Houston, 17 signed six agreements with the United States, four with Texas, the total amount of about 6 000 million U.S. dollars.
China's trade and investment delegation of 200 companies with more than 300 entrepreneurs in the six sub-groups.
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Accompanied by large buying groups
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