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 Need to contact a number of questions

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PostSubject: Re: Need to contact a number of questions    Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:35 pm

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PostSubject: Need to contact a number of questions    Wed Jan 19, 2011 9:56 am

In fact, only the last in 2010, was the harmonious development of Sino-US relations, both sides in the economic and commercial matters and serious differences between the DPRK nuclear issues. Two American media interviews yesterday, it is not hard to find at a meeting of communication problems between Oakley sunglasses hut And the U.S. should be more than expected, including for foreign investment in China, financial crisis, the internationalization of the RMB, China's economic growth and political reform became a hot theme.
Hun Junta said yesterday the media, is the current international monetary system consisting of history, it is reasonable to dollar liquidity to maintain stability, economic development of the RMB in the world to play a role, but to achieve the internationalization of the RMB, it will take a long historical process.
"The use of foreign capital is an important part of the basic state policy of opening up, China the latest ray ban sunglasses Invest in various companies in China to create a stable political environment and transparent market environment, a unified and open, standardized and highly efficient administrative environment in accordance with law." Hun said.
But the U.S. side seems satisfied with U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke called on China to fill the domestic market to foreign companies Chanel sunglasses sale To open, Locke said that, fundamentally speaking, any request by the United States believes that U.S. companies get a fair competitive environment.
The understanding of the international financial crisis, the United States, there are also differences. China believes that the financial crisis of innovation in U.S. financial markets and caused a lack of oversight in the United States into the forefront of the global excess savings due to China's trade imbalance. In the process of stabilizing the world economy, U.S. policy has made the opposite. Busy gucci sunglasses Liquidity tightening in China, while the U.S. has repeatedly quantitative easing, side note.
Regarding the Korean Peninsula, China urges parties concerned to maintain communication and coordination reduce tension and maintain peace and stability on the peninsula has made unremitting efforts. But the U.S. has come to the table. Planned from the question on the Korean Peninsula will be the first priority of China-US summit.
"Economically, countries have set up" you gave me, I thought "the situation, China is the country's largest U.S. lender, the United States is the main export market, political, or variety of prada sunglasses Like to see on the Korean Peninsula issue." United States Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a specialist yesterday, "International Finance, told reporters.
Hun Junta said yesterday that it is undeniable that there are some differences between the two countries and sensitive issues. But both sides should strengthen exchanges, enhance mutual trust, seek common ground and properly manage differences and sensitive issues, jointly promote the healthy and stable development of Sino-US relations.
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Need to contact a number of questions
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