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 Unite against West

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PostSubject: Re: Unite against West    Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:34 pm

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PostSubject: Unite against West    Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:05 am

Zhang Jailing members of FIFA's executive committee has not finished the campaign, go to Qatar, the China Football Association campaign video tops a recent interview with Xinhua when there is a lot of mixed feelings about the matter. He Oakley sunglasses hut That China, Japan, South Korea Football Association need to quickly restore mutual trust, the creation of East Asia is one voice to succeed in the next election.
See the first of this campaign, talked about the influence of Chinese football. "The AFC elections in China's concerns, we have not lost anything but the original structure. It seems that the results (Zhang Jailing electoral failure) is due to the wholesale ray ban sunglasses Of interest. Objectively speaking, this area is not sufficient coordination in East Asia, or run on a single a candidate who is causing frustration in East Asia. In addition, because the parties adhere to their ideas, the lack of the necessary compromises, cooperation, resulting in an overall loss in East Asia (the FIFA Executive Committee and not the successful campaign) I think it is worth our serious consideration, at least in Japan and South Korea, you must quickly restore mutual trust, all football issues with the active cooperation of East Asia to promote the cheap chanel sunglasses Of football in East Asia; If East Asia could create the sound of the word, the choice should not be a problem. “
The video also mentions the close cooperation in the Western Asia Football Federation.”Push to the west of Asia, especially among the royal family (ranging from a sense of national law) and the Association of Japan and South Korea are still only conduct, not with the same intensity."
Precisely because the unity of Western Asia, Prince Al-Hussein of Jordan, the FIFA vice-means gucci sunglasses During the campaign, when this task to overcome 16 years of age, South Korea, Chung.
Although the management is trying to participate in the efforts of FIFA not, but continues to serve as AFC Vice President Zhang Jailing. "The China Football Association will actively support the development of football, and actively cooperate with international organizations," said Never.
Due to the lack of China's organization of international football officials of the current situation, see the positive changes that will be enough to push the main control center by Lin Xiao, deputy director of external relations, came in second place the top quality prada sunglasses Of international organizations that have to be very positive reviews. Moreover, the China Football Association for some of the language skills will be strong, solid work of international organizations, young cadres to seek work.
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Unite against West
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