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 China's national image in the United States words and promises

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PostSubject: Re: China's national image in the United States words and promises    Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:34 pm

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PostSubject: China's national image in the United States words and promises    Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:06 am

Promo This is for the principal color of red China just 60 seconds, the pomp also Tai Lihue, John Woo, Song Buying, Liu Human, Lang Ping, Yao Ming, Ding, boom Jingling Wu, Yang Lwei also the duties of covering the arts, sports Tank it seems, Models, Aerospace Industries and other extraordinary or rather in Chinese on oakley sunglasses sale Occasions with the temper of his mind the beauty of wisdom, wealth, and we will interpret the image of Chinese people.
China's national image series of videos of the filming, beginning July 2010, the big screen in all directions in this people as one of the chapter.
Screen with the greatness of Mexico Travel Videos and other interspersed shall pitch wholesale ray ban sunglasses To play. For the strong marked by the color of the image of Chinese videos often play drew the guests, preserved with undo.
Then, the time of 4 weeks every day from 6 2 I am do I make this piece Square Promotional times has shown himself great in the time of screen with 15 Hour Play is expected 4 weeks would be supreme ten times.
For New York Times "has a name that" at the crossroads of the world, "he says New York Chanel sunglasses sale Square, Times Square, is also often a they were said to of the world, travelers will visit New York the day it is ten thousand, will drop.
In the mean time a great Paris Outdoor Gallery Place the screen, while at the same time, videos in all directions.
Moreover, in the Chinese 30 seconds condensed out of the national film image: People articles, "even to 17 the day by the U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) in all directions, all the rivers worldwide. Is expected in the fourth weeks that in the CNN promo will play about a hundred times between the channels.
An amount of frequency available by the lofty China we find in a national image film offices of mayor launch the high-profile Public Relations actions, but, even among foreign nations in China's targeting the species of the action of the public tried to. At the gucci sunglasses 2011 models Time from the Promotional sincerely in the book of Chinese President Hun Junta to visit the United States the state of the day before the rally also full of the senses.
This China's national image film protagonists in both sports of the United States to remember for the sake of Yao Ming, Lang Ping, also from the Hollywood for American ears to the perception of John Woo, etc other than the one known to Wall Street Ding Lei, the term, but more, in order and the father of hybrid rice "Longing Yuan, not to the United States west of the simple prada sunglasses Of society, even though that good things being achieved, in their own areas.
Columbia University Allen believes every American understanding of China less than the people as well, that they may learn to understand China.
Others, however, the hearers of the analysts have said that the Western China, seeing the film with the public's image, shall find a lot of Chinese unknown by face to them. But perhaps I would like to remembrance of Chinese: "You know China also too little.

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China's national image in the United States words and promises
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