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 We are ready to welcome President Hun Junta visited the United States.

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PostSubject: Re: We are ready to welcome President Hun Junta visited the United States.    Mon Jan 31, 2011 3:33 pm

Looks like spam. ;0(
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PostSubject: We are ready to welcome President Hun Junta visited the United States.    Wed Jan 19, 2011 10:07 am

China News Agency, Washington, January 17 (Wu Qinghai single and Haying) - Chinese President Hun Junta will be held from 18 am local time, arriving in the suburbs of Washington, DC, Andrews Air Force. Base, opened the four-day visit to the United States, White House Press Office, in answer to the Chinese news agency Zip Sun and Shi Biochip, we are ready to welcome the President's ear.
17, coincides with the American black rights leader Martin Luther King Day is an Oakley sunglasses hut Holiday. But White House officials on Monday. But this is not easy because they have to work overtime, ready to welcome Chinese President Hun Junta.
17 Call White House Press Office officials indicated that they are busy working overtime to send email communication problems. Welcoming ceremony for the press and referred to the preparations for dinner, officials said that these are wholesale ray ban sunglasses To the outside world is temporarily unavailable. But she stressed that "we are ready...”
Reporters noticed that the neighborhood around the White House around the day of the two countries have been hanging out the flag. Door north of the White House, told reporters that the police, to ensure that the achievement of a visit to the state Hun Chanel sunglasses sale To the United States, Washington will increase the police to increase security for a number of the police more as a. secrets to reveal. Talking about the visit, President Hun Junta said the police with a smile. : "I believe this visit will improve relations Sino - US.".
White House disclosed the table, 18, arrived in the United States after President Hun Junta to the White House directly to the president in the White House away from home. Riobamba "restaurant family, the old" and "third person" in an evening a few things and 19, the White House Barack Obama lawn original gucci sunglasses Ceremony welcoming great after the talks and other meetings will be converted at will. In home
by the local Meteorological Department forecast, 18 and 19 may be in Washington in the morning shower. According to the sources disclosed to reporters, White House have done a full format of the plan, if you see rain, snow or fog of bad weather, the White House welcoming ceremony, Grand will be moved to an indoor 13 January morning,. White House South Lawn to the session to the grand welcoming ceremony at the White House in terms of the familiar process is very rare.
It is understood that this is targeting the United States offered up details, visit the "visit mens prada sunglasses The state," When the United States will provide a full set of diplomatic etiquette, and official ceremonies. The White House has repeatedly communicate with the Chinese ambassador to finalize the details of the final

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We are ready to welcome President Hun Junta visited the United States.
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