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  philippe mexes interviewed expressed

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PostSubject: philippe mexes interviewed expressed   Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:39 am

11 pen acquisition cannot coachoutletstoresale AC milan can cause a play on two fronts co-front-runner strong teams, AC milan this summer will continue in the transfer market effort by Italy's most famous transfer specialists, the sky Taiwan's - MaJi Mr Words, AC milan has coach purses completed for this summer "two pens half" acquisition.If the signing of markov Katie and Ian cable transfer half done is an open secret, so from mexes' news is the latest, yesterday, philippe mexes interviewed expressed renewed hedged, he said: "for coach bags sale and more important things than contract, now I'm just thinking about how to help the Roman play a good game, of course, for example, if I coach handbags sale injured, everything will be different. I need to think about a lot of things, I am not a cheater, frankly, I at roma 7 years very delectation, now I am also very calm, and club coach shoes high-level talks continues, but now I'm except from the contest not think about other things.To this, dean - MaJi Obama said: "AC milan coach wallet sale name is probably philippe mexes, French has not yet been with roma contract, he is considering his future looks AC milan have already gave him made out a list of important gucci outlet."Several hours later, dean MaJi Mr Give parlance - more clear: "the current transfer market calmly, but undercurrents crypto-gucci bags outlet online, for example, philippe mexes and AC milan contact between, who knows, but who did not say, the Rome side hope this is not true, officer rossella sensi fear AC milan to gucci shoes, but now it seems, philippe mexes has accepted the AC milan contract." It is reported, AC milan to mexes' is a four-year, gucci sunglasses annual salary of 350 million euros for the contract.

Meanwhile, value gucci belt the transaction and general manager, today's former napoli transfer experts marino, he said: "in my from Rome were news, in fact, eventually philippe mexes in expiring contract gucci wallet zero fee to join AC milan."With Italy three tuttosport newspaper sometimes ill-advised report is different, MaJi arcane and di - marino is two air max 24-7 trustworthy transfer specialists, AC milan winter introducing mark van bommel who cut is MaJi Mr Di - first leaks, he even to expose the sign half a year's contract cover-ups, air max 2011 marino is all people have named cassano joining inter, emphasized cassano going to the AC milan.For wigan cable and omar Katie things, two air max 2012 also has a consensus, marino, said: "AC milan have already to 5.2 million buyout the markov Kitty and with his signature," he revealed. "AC milan are able to complete the air max, because omar Kitty's agent is their old friends pozzo." As is known to all, pozzo under another player, is currently playing for AC milan's toryburchhut cassano, but his club's ziegler shaved, also almost in winter to join AC milan. For wigan cable, marino, said: "galliani winter in Brazil can not enjoy a little sun, AC milan hope tiffanyjewelryonline make every effort to introduce Kennedy, and leonardo hands-on cable late, he hopes to January in contact with santos, but at that time the santos, the core of equivalent actually have put on AC milan's"

Relative to character, dean cheapsuprashoessale Kennedy cable MaJi Mr - not so sure said, he said: "ajax eriksson join AC milan have already unlikely gump, the only problem is, cable introduced him to spend more than 20 million transfer fee, but he's had two serious knee chi ceramic iron

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philippe mexes interviewed expressed
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