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  zlatan ibrahimovic

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PostSubject: zlatan ibrahimovic   Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:45 am

Besides the transfer market changes coach store online are always "lagging effect", since AC milan in 2006 after the atrophy, still can in 2007 by veterans residual last breath of the champions coach purses title, and later began to decline, so this year's reconstruction effect, also complete more likely to next season to appear.Relative to the former, o lai Gerry is happy, because the club he bought zlatan ibrahimovic, robinho, Antonio cassano, but stars coach bags sale o lai Gerry is painful, compared with carlo ancelotti hand has some angry squad, o lai lattice, besides the instant squad right-back o bart and coach bags sale -back tiago silva has besides, almost every position to rebuild or buy a successor, bo class once in the transfer window proposed "the AC milan striker need to buy one, coach shoes sale midfielder, a left-back and a central defender," AC milan are realized, but now it seems that problem still not fully resolved. Nesta need coach wallet sale, playmaker position need a top stars, the midfield need to add one to two new strength, left-back than Mr Antonini strength also need a stronger, more balanced candidate, proving gucci outlet summer and is a lot of spending. This is why AC milan has introduced the large number of players to uefa champions league after the team still so weak, because the past four seasons leave vulnerabilities fill gucci bags fill!

For such a AC milan, gucci shoes them in previous imperious course, at the same time in the champions league semi-final, some not so into reality, after all debts doesn't happen overnight thing. Think of character, champions league than good play some, AC milan at present in the integral go gucci sunglasses to also have advantage, face a good chance. AC milan would, if uefa champions league exit, lest thou also isn't a bad thing, because in the present midfielder configuration, even after the spurs this closes, in the champions league cheap gucci belt could not go far, because even into the quarter-finals, pirlo and ambrosini probably still won't come out. And the champions league game, probably in the league's top or a gucci belt sale. At present the team AC milan should know my what goal: most likely scored the winning eyes a champion, for the team back in the past few years have lost morale, let the club back to the past, then is the level of TuBa air max 24-7. Target overmuch distributeth isn't a kind of pain, the 2004/05 season, just because of the AC milan coach carlo ancelotti reluctant to give up the league the last hope, in against air max 2011 game has been losing ambrosini, then in the champions league final lost a strangeHot assassin challenge milan's champions air max 2012 eighth finals of the first leg game, harry redknapp said spurs will play attacking football on the road. "Attacking football is the first time we get into the champions league knockout air max, we still want to be in this tournament in continue to go on, therefore, we will at SAN siro again playing attacking football. We can at SAN siro goals. I toryburchhut don't want to lose a few ball. We cannot bear takers and when I first came to this site of the same mistake. AC milan are a wei video highlights - tottenham's wing assists crouch shoot racing at milan

Big teams, but we also is very Them in the premier league, but inter pressure inter not terrible. "Old thunder to own tottenham was confident, also have no reason. After all, tottenham premiership depth is the best team, can use the people even more than Manchester united, cheapsuprashoessale and Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester city to also is compared with doesn't fall wind. Despite this, old ray didn't also hope to win at SAN siro too much, "a draw would be a satisfactory result, especially in against AC chi ceramic iron this team."

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zlatan ibrahimovic
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