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  raul catch chance is more very.

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PostSubject: raul catch chance is more very.   Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:49 am

the stands are Spanish fans played horizontal: "' holy 'raul, where you are going, there is victory."Of course, those die-hard valencia fans really didn't welcome raul, this once played for real Madrid faction's killer has countless times coach purses their gates, bring with them a bad memory, and once again, his body that body ordinary to rustic "miners" blue shirt seems gave them a shame and taunt his reason. So the opening, coach bags sale raul name stadium in big radio sounded and change of is a DaoCai, opening, accompanied by raul's every touch, boos always bedfellows. coach handbags sale, such grasping hatred reflect just a kind of fear, a sense of an eternal enemies fear.Schalke after all is not real Madrid, first half in opponents under the impact of some of coach shoes itself squeezed from two sides raul catch chance is more very. Sol amounted to more than 16 minutes goal gave the drama on German fans a coach wallet sale gloomy, they saw their team's ambition. Valencia seemed to have every reason we win this game, yet they overlooked a factor: raul. In the second half, 45 minutes before some silent raul suddenly lived, with valencia offensive rhythm slows, he to threaten your opponent's goal, and for their teammates make up more opportunities. Article 64 minutes, match the watershed finally gucci bags, when townee HuLa more passing to raul's feet, the veteran lightly sway opened navarro defense, box, volley ball gucci shoes!

This written goals gucci sunglasses outlet will be the history of goals, thus raul's champions league goals in 69, continue to comfortably in the champions league history, while he is top of the war in Europe competitions in the goals total is reached 70, surpassing the germans muller, and cheap gucci belt paratactic literally become uefa champions league top scorer. This written goals also let to his heart filled with hostile mei listrac and keep this sound -- if there had the honor of raul team strong support for real Madrid, so today gucci mens wallet giants halo he, then again with the strength to their opponents, action to make people quiet to goal for himself not excellent team in the champions league in the reign of thrust a air max 24-7 of hope.

Besides goals, raul this air max 2011 also created more history. He tied the maldini 139 games's uefa champions league appearance record, and more than Claude makelele and Ryan giggs, with 41 games become to uefa champions league elimination game after seedorf's second number. All air max 2012 data are in pointing to it: this is a belong to raul's night.His post-match raul by coach felix magath compliment: "this is he in several months in Spain played the first game, so he motivation. He knew how to display own superiority, I am not air max scoring goals, he is the whole performance is very good." Raul is consistently low-key: "I have said that, if I can choose, I don't want to meet the Spanish team. But I'm glad toryburchhut goals set up a record, and uefa champions league for me is a special event. Be able to score of course is very good, but the tiffanyjewelryonline important still is the team can benefit." He also responded to the support of the fans: "I saw banners, many schalke and real Madrid shirt, I thank them for I show"Raul hurried back in Spain, and hurried away, leaving people's only some 64-match record, a thousand li-an old, "martyr" veteran figure. supra shoes teammates Murray grace rafa said before the game he is "in Spanish history's best players," once teammates today's opponents sol da duo in his post-match exclamation: "you can't leave raul even one meter space." And HuLa current team-mates, said: "and he played makes all things easier."

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raul catch chance is more very.
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