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PostSubject: passive beyond   Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:51 am

Raul has no longer belong to the football, but he still won full Spanish respect; He is no longer remembered that in real Madrid 7, but fans a banner might give him new definition: "raul, Europe's number 7." (0-1 in 4 years, AC milan for the sixth time in coach purses would England team (a tie against Arsenal, Manchester united and two defeats to negative, flat Portsmouth, negative tottenham), and the last few seasons of several premier league clash with AC milan, compared the in fact is not ugly, except for 20 coach bags sale before very passive beyond, in the second half was almost will tottenham pressure in the half, but just is AC milan offensive diehard, tottenham beat coach handbags sale.Video highlights - tottenham's wing extreme assists crouch shoot racing at Milan This cannot let a person remember last season, leonardo leads a team's game with Manchester united at home, AC meters of amram opening still occupied the initiative, and coach shoes by Mr Antonini scoring, but at AC milan offensive diehard anniversary, the other was scoring, every into a passive position. In coach wallet, especially in knockouts, good defence, midfield for the defence of the protection is necessary, which is why leonardo was beautiful attacking football one to Europe will gucci outlet.

To leonardo's gucci bags, sacchi ever description: "six people to defend, four people attack, the communicative two powerful defender." In fact, this system is easy to be make counterattack, and in late and the gucci shoes of ancelotti prosperity, carlo ancelotti notice ball control, transverse whilst. But in later abate, the ability to run, midfielder Andrea gucci sunglasses interception ability to drop, centre-back position, again have no tiago silva has, so far the counterattack situation often appear.O lai Gerry part of the success of this season, is banned it pirlo gucci belt job organization DMCS play, with "muscle midfielders" instead, then, solid defensively and offensively efficiency gucci belt sale o lai Gerry in league top spot in the key. At present, the AC milan in the league, is only lose 19 goals in serie a at least lost the ball team, and 19 lost the ball, only two from each air max 24-7 counterattack, one of which is a squad yet to cesena when gearing molding, another is in udinese the 4-4, clarence seedorf midfielder has been air max 2011 ball counterattack. It is also for unwanted by stealing the ball back, o lai Gerry it gradually put easily in the frontcourt concede alexandre pato and clarence seedorf scored air max 2012. Should say, today's this way, lost the ball is not a typical o lai Gerry way, but before a few years after ancelotti's, we are accustomed air max see the AC milan lost the ball way.

Actually, from the game toryburchhut for other's first-half more fierce offensive, but o lai Gerry team defence stand very firm, tottenham creates the real opportunity is not much, not too much to PiNaEr o bart, tiffanyjewelryonline to a breakthrough, also only Mr Antonini no way because AC milan all through the winter dedicated to bring in a defensive better left-back, oakley sunglasses ultimately failed to success. But in the later pressure on offense, the other was played counterattack, it should be said that the players forgot o lai Gerry the most basic request, o cheapsuprashoessale Gerry post-match also say: "AC milan second-half occupied the initiative, but for their mistakes pay a"

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passive beyond
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