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  Gerry need to consider a problem

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PostSubject: Gerry need to consider a problem   Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:52 am

The team AC milan, have zlatan ibrahimovic, robinho, Antonio cassano, Andrea pirlo such play good players, but rather is no longer former pen exalted attack the flag of AC milan, but depends on the solid defense, and attacking players talent wins the AC coach purses, the AC milan lose way is o lai Gerry of a "atypical failure."Helpless, at present situation, will persecute AC milan at white hart lane to go for a coach bags sale, but how can guarantee of goals but don't throw the ball, or more than concede goals, is o lai Gerry need to consider a problem, no matter how, solid defense still will be the coach handbags sale of overhauling, because if not concede match until the last 1 second, hope all existence (as long as the 1-0 win will take overtime), but once coach shoes possession, AC milan will have to be compelled attempt to score more goals than your competitors, will get into the system, lai Gerry not so good at and unfamiliar routines. "coach wallet be quiet, Barcelona and Arsenal to play!" The marca "in this title, expressed the two teams of football respect and love. The paper thinks, gucci outlet and Arsenal docking, is the world's two teams to pursue beautiful football team to meet again. gucci bags two teams of war has become a recent years of classic war, they will not lack the collision of scoring goals, he is not lack of football. The two teams gucci shoes outlet level player on the pitch, art can be guaranteed.

London is still for last gucci sunglasses Arsenal were "visitors from outer space" massey led the Barcelona eliminated and depressed. At the emirates stadium on win in the first leg, Arsenal and Barcelona draw 2 than 2 draw, however at camp nou, Arsenal were messi a senior xi vanquished. Of gucci belt, Arsenal fans also did not forget 2006 in Paris for the champions league final, the game, the Barcelona with eto 'o and juliano belletti goal 2:1 gucci belt sale Arsenal. Now, eto 'o and juliano belletti already not in Barcelona, but the reigning messi still let Arsenal scared to death.Wenger since 1996, capturing the Arsenal since wantonly promotion ground offensive technical football and romantic football. This with air max 24-7 in recent twenty years of development ideas coincide, which, in the past ten years, there is some gunners in quitting Arsenal when air max 2011 travel to the sunny Barcelona. Overall, except FanBuLongKeHuoSiTe and silvinho, other several gunmen in the nou camp performance does not calculate on joining air max 2012 unfulfilled, such as Emmanuel petit, marc overmars state fell rapidly after hit by injuries, Alexander hleb is called pure gray, Henry's air max has been unable to let Barcelona fans satisfaction. However, barca from Arsenal, but these players dig Angle spent 1.4 billion euros in money. "World dello sport believers said Tuesday, toryburchhut nou has become the arsene wenger's" Wall Street ", build the emirates stadium at Arsenal football club took 5.8 million euros, which 1/4 tiffanyjewelryonline Barcelona, Barcelona Arsenal is the god of wealth.

Although both football, but it is widely believed that, in passing and in possession of the ball skills, not a European club than Barcelona more prominent. Incredibly event soon gave barca cheapsuprashoessale prove his chance. Although Barcelona in the last round la liga match by Hiram flood athletic end a league streak records, but the stadium at Arsenal

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Gerry need to consider a problem
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