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  knockout stages of the goal.

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PostSubject: knockout stages of the goal.   Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:55 am

Last season in Barcelona, ibrahimovic just broke his champions league knockout goal drought. This season, is Swedish consecutive 10 years for the champions league, over the past nine seasons of zlatan ibrahimovic in Europe 74 field scored 20 goals per game coach purses 3.7 one ball, obviously than himself in the past nine years league 298 field 128 ball, on average every 2.3 results, will send a lot. And coach bags sale 20 European goal of video highlights - tottenham's wing extreme assists crouch shoot racing at Milan And only 2 is the knockout stages of the goal.The horse zola once said: "this coach handbags sale Iraq career best Nebraska a season." The Italian media is natural to want, zlatan ibrahimovic can in his "best season", in the European coach shoes, also show and had a different weather. In the previous uefa champions league group, zlatan ibrahimovic did something pretty good also, six games, five starts and has scored four goals, but after the knockout, Swedish face again.According to the statistics, OPTA coach wallet 37 feet, only 25 times pass rate is only 65.6 success, also only 1, threat passing time, more important is, throughout the second-gucci outlet, zlatan ibrahimovic almost completely in DunXing state. AC milan have lost one ball, it is also from Swede frontcourt, when a miscued pass behind him two defensive midfielder gucci bags silva has already set to the wing, gattuso floater in the lane, top behind him a piece of open space, in such a case, can only choose safe calamitous, gucci shoes ibrahimovic just hope from dense sort through the ground direct passing penetrate their defenses and counterproductive, ball well-deserved blocked out, and the other was hit gucci sunglasses.

If the first-half, zlatan gucci belt and once the left costal breakthrough after cross and a threat by referee omitted individual forcibly breakthroughs made box online free-kicks, so the second half, zlatan ibrahimovic over a long period of time from almost pitch "evaporate", but the recent gucci wallet great pato more prominent, except the error, zlatan ibrahimovic only at the last minute, like the beautiful barb scoring, let people have seen his air max 24-7, but remember that the foul shot prior, and did not escape assistant referees eyes.In "the market" rating, only zlatan ibrahimovic and gennaro gattuso is playing a rare 4.5 air max 2011 low grade, gennaro gattuso low grade, because he is on the move, and playing silly how no matter very much and ibrahimovic scoring, air max 2012 it was all on technology, in fairness, zlatan ibrahimovic performance today pour also not so bad, but we had people expectation for him is too high, who let this one AC air max do suffer from "ibra addiction"?

In the league, altogether 44 goals, including 23 goals from zlatan ibrahimovic goal or assists, moreover, to cesena a goal when each other, is from his manufacturing and, in the champions league of AC milan to ibrahimovic rely more exaggerated, total group AC milan tiffanyjewelryonline seven goals, including four ball from zlatan ibrahimovic, two goals from inzaghi, 1 ball from ronaldinho, now ronaldinho depart, in sidelined, with the AC milan have to rely on ibrahimovic goals, the bets on ibrahimovic in champions league knockout little scoring rate, both ibrahimovic own cheapsuprashoessale, but also to AC milan. After the game, o lai Gerry also say: "this season's champions league campaign since, zlatan ibrahimovic has been doing very well, not with this a judge whether he who is weak in European"

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knockout stages of the goal.
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