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  attribute this is all teams in the lowest

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PostSubject: attribute this is all teams in the lowest   Thu Feb 17, 2011 4:58 am

But the first nine minutes the offside single-blade or helped Brazil goalkeeper small the warm-up: even the offside, gomez also easily blocked with the leg, it also makes the couple later against, goalkeeper lead in occupied coach purses advantage. The first 20 minutes, zlatan ibrahimovic team-mate robinho frontcourt steals box ribs after gracing the cross, gomez in burning will ball double boxing out, this is also the coach bags sale time milan first-half test tottenham goalkeeper.However, for a goalkeeper speaking, idle just is the most dangerous state. Because of running coach handbags sale, originally goalkeeper motion state attribute this is all teams in the lowest pitch, and this position and not any absent-minded and error, so any time peecipitate shock, for a coach shoes has "cool" half-court goalkeeper for all to be fatal, and from this point of view, tottenham in the first half of the absolute superiority for coach wallet is not necessarily gomez active factor.

But the difference guccioutlet-mall the top and ordinary goalkeeper...... lies in: perennial in teams played top keeper, nature has other moderation goalkeeper are not have different from ordinary reaction and saves. Article 49 minutes, AC milan a roomful of first corner, the box spurs defender gucci bags outlet online to periphery, robinho again crosses, flank milan defender after YePeiSi high to head home, powerful header straight to the top gucci shoes outlet -hand corner of the blind Angle and goal, see gomez in an instant body like to pack a spring is like to play back, and valiant will ball over the bottom line, absolutely world class gucci sunglasses outlet! What is worth mentioning, the header is AC milan full-court first shot is the goal, it is a world of written blind gucci belt, and wave of their attention and reaction gomez same perfect, "cool" in the first half of his face the test can make so perfect saves is gucci wallet.

If this ball reflect is at the air max 24-7 of the reaction, elastic and gomez speed, still purely personal talents into full play, so the next lens with him hard training and experience is closely linked. Article 59 air max 2011, or YePeiSi, again takes his flicked-on cross last point, as a header after the ball to point in the process, gomez also in rapid movement, air max 2012 YePeiSi powerful header that moment will distance goal does not exceed 3 meters, and gomez however "just" appeared in the ball flight of the route, both hands air max put the ball on the line saved!

In the past, we always pagliuca and Angelo peruzzi such goalkeeper: figure quite outstanding and conditions are not height wingspan after more than but young girls, buffon, petr cech and reaction speed with casillas etc people no longer seems to a class, and seldom see them tiffanyjewelryonline saves, but they do is recognized as a world-class keeper, which is the key to these people at the foot of the moving! One of its top oakley sunglasses, sense of position is the biggest fundamentals, compared to those who struggled to make god level, if you can save goalkeeper ahead of a premonition shots route, then even cheapsuprashoessale to blind Angle shot, if can stand on the advance position, save up will make TV before fans feel so easily, and not so enjoyable. And this one ball, gomez just reflects his early mobile experience and

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attribute this is all teams in the lowest
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