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  ball capability

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PostSubject: ball capability   Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:03 am

Article 5 minutes, coachoutletstoresale luca right-wing cross, Peter crouch suppressed o the ball behind parked in front pyrrhus, and in several milan defender double-teams finish his first shot, although because shot action is disturbed, the ball is not strong enough, but nesta, YePeiSi and coach purses abbiati these three directly to crouch defensive responsible milan players have to feel the pressure. Crouch for Christian abbiati Damon coach bags sale to increase the threats in the first 10 minutes, lennon breakthrough after Mr Antonini right out one and a half, floated Christian abbiati rob in crouch is going to rob some successful coach handbags sale hits the ball, a roomful of AC milan fans out screaming, if not lennon this ball is half a highball, resulting in height of Peter coach shoes sale ball snakeholes part very embarrassed, even Christian abbiati today's state is again good, also hard to completely grasp of dangerous situation.After 1 minute, Peter crouch coach wallet sale let a person experience his do ball capability, and cross, Peter crouch lennon breakthrough antonini with chest comfortably ball to behind flank van der vaart, the latter a left-footed burns, completed the first personal goal. This ball crouch proved himself exquisite technology, lennon's cross tall gucci bags float, and now face the ball coming to crouch has been gucci shoes a backward state, but with a height advantage, Peter crouch just exclude bends milan defender interference, the ball will be comfortable cleverly gave Dutch, reflects the solid gucci sunglasses outlet of basic skills.

Can is divided, can hold cheap gucci belt do ball so Peter crouch can let milan defence trembling, since in the collision and crouch abbiati under injury leaves play crouch's play more active. The sky sports news to crouch played after gomez and rafael van der vaart second high score eight gucci belt sale, and "fantastic performances" to describe "bamboo" show, but from play performance view, Peter crouch and even to had been pressed, scoring row in the Netherlands rafael van der vaart man behind also can only say that "air max 24-7 ".In the second half because cole luca's injury, the right road lennon not wing-back support under threat will, Peter crouch also have no first-half so full aggressive, but Peter air max 2011 champions league experience, with language.thus still gave milan man most heavy two strikes. First is angered gennaro gattuso, milan captain air max 2012 team has been to referee decisions scale, Peter crouch still smarting from use gattuso impatience psychology, without the ball intentionally with chest bump into air max gattuso, then the referee ignore, gennaro gattuso temper upwards, also led directly to him after his tackle on Emmanuel secco torre for yellow, got off toryburchhut against tottenham suspended punishment. This crouch after the game is a bit schadenfreude: "gattuso? He has been in trouble, first trouble for me, is looking for a teaching assistant after trouble." The second slams is deadly, is the grain to the SAN siro fans tiffanyjewelryonline silent after juesha goals - lennon across the proper, Peter crouch need only do the simplest thing, calculate the champions league play-off, oakley sunglasses is already this season first seven goals in the champions league, team ranked first. In comparison, milan squad, fame is tall figure also greater ibrahimovic in crouch side cheapsuprashoessale overshadowed, although last moments Swedish undercut scoring is wonderful, but unfortunately push people foul chi ceramic iron.

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ball capability
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