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  encounter the other teams

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PostSubject: encounter the other teams   Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:05 am

But on offense, we stronger.""When I hope another team" Because of the two teams style similar and mutual understanding, josep guardiola in knockout draw hoping to encounter the other teams. He said: "I like to play don't like ball team. coach purses very happy at Arsenal, but don't like to meet with them. But draw is such, we must be realistic. Our tactics ideas clearly, Arsenal, too."Melon handsome then praised coach bags sale player: kenaz, cesc fabregas, arshavin, rosicky... all Arsenal players are good at ball, outstanding ability, passing and movement are fine. They successive years's champions league campaign, to the event is coach handbags sale."

Josep guardiola hope, injured coach shoes can recover in time, smoothly in the game. He expresses at the same time, the Dutch striker robin van persie for Arsenal's influence "extremely important".Fabregas is Arsenal player, but if one day they want to sell his words..."Finally, josep coach wallet talked about fabregas. Asked if Barcelona will buy cesc fabregas, shots melon handsome carefully say: "fabregas is Arsenal player, wenger gucci outlet been thinks highly of him. If one day Arsenal think fabregas can leave, we might be interested in... may also not interested." Almost everyone thinks the bell's absence for harry gucci bags tottenham, who is a big loss, even the old thunder oneself also worried about. But lack the bell of the spurs are at SAN siro rely on a gucci shoes outlet go solo does assists completed juesha long-distance strikes, but this time not the legendary "Monkey King" bell, but England's original product -- "England bird" gucci sunglasses outlet, the "bird" add Lin check dargon tell spurs fans - London was not only bell!

[enter ball] gucci belt wing extreme assists crouch marko babic racing break the deadlock First-half just opening, tottenham in the main wing, PiNaEr left, right, because the custom lennon in gucci wallet core role of South Africa, people just visiting just, tottenham's main burden natural landed on the lennon's body. In the first half with lennon on the right intensive air max 24-7, milan left-back antonini crumpled, whether frequency or speed are unable to keep up with the height only 1.65 meters little, to know as air max 2011 as cristiano ronaldo gallop premiership era, lennon in the premiership with speed reigns, cristiano ronaldo boasts a sprint speed premiership first, lennon criterion with speed on the ball in the air max 2012 domination.

After Mr Antonini of air max in test, lennon began his "torment" Mr Antonini performance. Article 10 minutes, cole luca straight behind Mr Antonini, lennon with speed forcibly overtaking crosses, if it weren't for Christian abbiati daredevil who brave, catch step point with crouch toryburchhut can be a ball crashed into a net. A minute later, without waiting for Mr Antonini slow lead strength, lennon again with speed strong eat other, tiffany jewelry Peter crouch came in chest to van der vaart do a Great Wall to cooperate. The first 20 minutes, lennon again on the right road a ball, forcing Mr Antonini success with the ball oakley sunglasses the bottom line chest, when Mr Antonini in speed has obvious tier condition appear, but milan two central defender alessandro nesta cheapsuprashoessale YePeiSi "care" crouch have ZiGuBuXia, which still have time to assist him. If it weren't for milan backcourt defensive cooperate did well in the first half chi ceramic iron can finish lennon assists.

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encounter the other teams
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