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 Recorded with reading glasses

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PostSubject: Recorded with reading glasses    Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:40 pm

My eyes long and thin, they smile narrowed slit, from junior high school since the Shantung and evil must, in order to glasses to hide the ugly hatred. But the visual wonders happens, any how I destroyed over the years just after sunrise in the nets inside a designer handbags Kerosene lamps on the reading banned books, wearing tortoise shell glasses, or earn good fortune do not come, then, not any fashionable yurt. Emigrated to the U.S., such as glasses, impatient, just go with the side of the plain, as "deaf ears." Myopia, which do not come to youth, middle age, also quick to drive slowly until the age of 50. Can not wait to buy glasses just for the sake save trouble, and visual inspection did not go to optical shops, only to go to the shelves of louboutin pumps stores, by wearing the interview, to see small print clearly, it will pay to the counter bought the one hand, about 10 dollars.
My life of laziness, dislike him a superfluous thing, life has never worn jewelry like rings, reading glasses reported only come in handy, even with the pick with the throw. Shiloh angrily open book with a heap, move the sofa, to his wife angry adults. In view of this, I return home to take advantage of it, shopping at Lo Wu in Shenzhen, the city bought several vice stretch, come back soon, glasses disappeared one another, angry asked a friend to go to the flea market, a buy is 8-face, in order for me to see every home the premises of the book, from the bedside table to the bathroom, from the living room couch to the dinner table, at least put on the side.
Such and such a few years later, to the last year, regardless of used glasses slowly, put on books, writing and blurred. It seems intensified the old flowers, glasses of the appropriate upgrade. Old wife took the opportunity to teach me, to glasses, you have to find experts optometry, you're so ill eyes, beware old "blind stick" wait.
Think of rational, where I trade unions, not having welfare, members once every two years with glasses, may be reimbursed for 115 Yuan it? Well, once passed Irvine Street, seeing signs of a glasses shop, went in and asked that they have to make an appointment. A week later went to optometry, Chinese opticians me to the dark little room, my head resting on the edge of an instrument, multiple lighting, exposure to the eye. At the end, surprised and asked me: your left eye nearly blind, can never know? I am ashamed nodded. Just testing the left eye, no matter what kind of lenses replaced, is a fog, I know that badly, that she oakley sunglasses on a stern countenance, and cataract surgery required. So that, this wrong. My parents have had, I was heir apparent, but puzzling to 70 after the parents have, this evil creature, and I was so affectionate, so early here?
To the next section, more complex vision than the experience many times of struggle, in this skips. Two months later, when I re-entered the optical shop, self-confidence has returned to normal intraocular lens replaced the left eye, right eye vision and has always been a good comparable, but the reading glasses or to be assigned, not to mention that my opticians saved from the back edge of tory burch shoes blind No. benefactor, and thank her face made a business, most Chinese people pay attention to the "human." For the purpose, and my long-standing "How to behave philosophy" are interlinked: simple - with one side dedicated to reading glasses to read, in the expense, the control of trade unions within the limits of the claims.
Time is the pre-appointment; the lady also had optical shop to phone alerts. Go into the store, found here, whether employees or customers are many. Common sense presumption Chinese opticians Dr Lee is the boss, here are the Assistant, a technician, receptionist, the same color Women Current, white, Chinese and Latino are, racial tory burch flats considered typical. Customers or sitting or standing, or wait for optometry, or waiting for glasses.
Beautiful like a model of the Miss Bay Ran had received me, let me seated in the front of the glass counter, asked me to enter the optometry room before the two things: First, determine how much overhead, two, choose the right glasses. First, I question the last time I come to optometry, your store has been to me and I collected their union’s tory burch reva inspection fees, this time also do not charge closing? Miss Bay Ran said Dr Lee to ask for instructions. She took out a few pairs of glasses, to my box, I asked the price, the lady said, I do not care to wear cool not cool, as long as the cheap and by the fall. She said this one, though not play, "never break" the security vote, but durability is no doubt.
Time, the assistant led me into the dark room to optometry, the fat lady smiled very affinity asked: "The operation made it?" I said earlier made her naughty smile. As far as I remember, last time I came, and she and I hit the dealings, but also took tory burch handbags lead I just come in, but then I am well aware of the medical records. I try to speculate, that took me back to the ophthalmologist Dr Lee's letter of introduction to open after the departure of children in the shop when the laughing stock of my house spread, nearly blind left eye has no perception of their own, not tory burch sandals ? But I do not stay for their wood embarrassed, upright customers, it is your God!
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Recorded with reading glasses
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