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 Story glasses

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PostSubject: Story glasses   Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:42 pm

Pale but full of energy come in sideways Dr Lee and her attitude reminds me of just the selected framed glasses, the same slim, the same durable. Her tone of the first specialist to explain charges: optometry fees or to charge, the last go last, but only 39, you are bags yard to pay for it? My head has been compliance with her order, put the bars in the optometry machine, this condition can come out alive? Well I have a cry in the dark, be regarded as response.

Conscience, claim to value for money 39 dollars, the complexity of optometry program taught me amazing, spent at least two large-scale equipment, I used a later, can I cover one eye, the other monitor the inside of a hollow sphere, there is a bright in the middle, the doctor ordered, I saw four bright shining Zhou You Gang point, I immediately clutched at by her heart in the right key, trance, this slim ball like a Star, a small stars such as eye of the needle, I click the button. Ten minutes after the end, I sat back chairs, to see the side that has two eye device schematic diagram, the center of each picture has a big bright spot, surrounded by a thin dotted with points of light, and this is me eye, and just On the left for each one spot, it's use, only with doctorate opticians to realize.
To be honest, I can not down, I mind, only with a pair of reading glasses used to read, but costs such as CSU twists and turns, have an extra pocket. I am not too light never experience, 7 years ago, the Shanghai Bund, a great shelf optical shop, spend 10 rennin, round face, I put the old master test machine or two minutes the outcome side. But I was different, not only made cataract surgery, but also for their own "windows of the soul" has always been neglected and even abused, may teach employees of Dr Lee and her quite surprised. Pro at the end, Dr Lee to my eyes drop of liquid drugs, the statement also came in later experience, and now it can be the first out.
Miss Bay Ran after taking over the counter, and my reckoning. Just choose the frame of mind, charges 9 per 9 Point 5; the money does not include trade unions. I said yes. Then she asked me to choose lenses, as she tried to recommend the polycarbonate material of new varieties, it acid-resistant heat-cold collisions, bullet-Oakley sunglasses glass and fiber-optic cable system is to use it will afford me a good, but not cheap, right? She said that 200-300. I said no, I just read the side of the ordinary use of reading glasses. Miss Zhitomir passing touch of blue look of contempt, but the smile soon re-introduces some other common varieties; I chose a price of 115 Yuan less than one.

She took the computer one by one count, I paid 115 Yuan trade unions outside, had to pay nearly 60 million, of which one is called "pay for consultation," I said wait a minute, 39 consultation fees is not it? She said two different things. I shook my head, bear down, and brush out her credit card. I thought, tory burch shoes about? Regardless of the lens or frame of mind, the price is no reference, no comparison, not with their wild speculations? Dr Lee's optometry look so complicated the operation, do not Jinxing to "pay back the money in place," the bar! Accounts to take advantage of Miss Bay Ran buried, I glanced at diagnosis recorded one, only two lines I do not understand the data, Dr Lee diligently busy, the harvest is it. I have courage to ask: "Can you tell me what degree, for example? I went to department stores to choose reading glasses cabinet with the glasses, buy a 200 degrees or 250 degrees?" Lady smiled and said: "Yes.”Then in my accounts to the computer for operation together, the result is: the tory burch flats eye 100 degrees, 175 degrees left eye. I never forget the next. After all, I entered such a complicated process, not only to one side glasses, I have to rely on these data, to buy at least 10 surface, as in the past in general, at home in many places, there are pockets and work locations in the locker.
I have not signed the credit card, Dr Lee unearthed from the optometry room pale face, told me to take pictures archive. I asked whether the charges, she said, received 39 Yuan. I think that the eye problems are detected, and then return ophthalmologist tube, so why leave a photo in the optical shop? Former "Washington Post" There is a tory burch reva column, said: Dental treatment is a matter; you are responsible for only a toothache. However, the letter, I can do is make the eyes the old flowers. I tried to tactfully on Dr Lee said, not necessary, keep the photos in the ophthalmologists there. Dr Lee shrugged his shoulders, not reluctance.
Finally, I have a trip into the optometry room, or the face of two major instruments, the eye more than once gave the test, I can not help but admire the tory burch handbags of Dr Lee. "My glasses?" I put "all satisfied" with the air, and asked Miss Bay Ran. She twisted slim waist, said: "we have to wait a week, we will inform you."
It seems I have been seriously underestimated the side with the complexity of reading glasses. I thought that came into the store; spend 10 minutes of optometry to spend some 10 minutes glasses. Not an hour, I can wear slim legs and General Dr Lee, not polycarbonate, but not easily broken reading glasses, Bacon and tory burch sandals You Your an read prose Brits had. Old-fashioned matter to the “simple” philosophy encounters complex modern society, a complete failure.
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Story glasses
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