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 More than 400 "US-pupil glasses" detained

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PostSubject: More than 400 "US-pupil glasses" detained    Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:45 pm

"The most expensive 100 Yuan a pair, all foreign languages on the packaging, I doubt it unsafe." Recently, the bedizen "beautiful child" in the newspaper consumer rights activist blog on the message station, broke the news of a small cross shop selling a bags yard of lattice U.S. Zhitomir no Chinese on the packaging glasses. Yesterday, the reporter visited the store found that sales staff also said that it is a jewel, and anybody can wear.
"US-pupil glasses" that all foreign language
Yesterday morning, the reporter arrived at the small cross in this box store and saw a "beautiful child," said the United States pupil contact lenses. Pick up a bottle found in a package that is all in English, the other packaging is in English and Korean. When a asked whether wearing such spectacles optometry, the clerk said that this is the jewelry of these products do not need to optometry, life is one year. Cheap 100 Yuan a pair.
Subsequently, the reporter went to the fountain, a professional optical shop, beauty shop to see pupil contact lenses, packaging not tory burch flats Korean, but also marked with Chinese manufacturers name, address, contact information, product ingredients and so on. Sales staff said that the U.S. price of each pupil glasses 100 to 300 supra shoes from the range, the spread in addition to the brand not the same, the main difference is that the useful life of different, some are available year, some only available for three months.
Sell online purchase in the box store
at noon yesterday, the reporter to the Middle East Business and Industry Bureau of Guiyang Yunnan reflect this situation, business officers immediately rushed to the small cross check box store.
"According to regulations, if it is formal import of products, should be indicated on the Chinese label on the packaging." Law enforcement officers when the business is so much beauty to see pupil contact lenses actually do not have a Chinese identity was surprised when, on the spot immediately asked the owner to provide relevant certificate, but the owner took out a business license in addition to outside, nothing. Subsequently, the industrial and commercial officers also found the shop selling sunglasses, watches are no Chinese identity, all foreign language.
Reporters on the scene, the entire cabinet of the United States and pupil glasses there "Barbie eye", "RURBIE EYE", "Messiah", "DALL", "NEOCOSMO TWO TONE", "SUPER SIZE BIG", "magic excel color"," other eight names, but all on bottle are not Chinese, and some are all Korean, and some are all in English, there is the combination of English and Korean, and some bottle, but the name, the other totally blurred fonts was visible.
Industrial and commercial law enforcement personnel, the United States is the owner of the whole pupil glasses bought from the Internet. Business law enforcement officers tory burch shoes the spot all the 403 U.S. foreign language pupil glasses, 51 watches, 73 pair of glasses were withheld. The case is under further investigation.
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More than 400 "US-pupil glasses" detained
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