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 The Wall Street Journal: the expensive bags

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PostSubject: The Wall Street Journal: the expensive bags    Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:46 pm

Shoppers began to smell a little breath to stop a recession, carefully began to re-spent. Some shopping bags yard to see the attraction of these new ways consumers carefully: This is the high-priced handbag.
Ta Bate Company (Talbots Inc.) Shelves this fall will be a $ 425 python embossed shoulder bag pattern. Teenybopper Abercrombie & Fitch Co company store large belt and flip flops the next, and now displays more than 300 dollars and the of the bag. The women's apparel retailer Ann Taylor Stores Corp is now worth up to $ 298 introduced the new hand bag.
These high prices handbags for women - especially in such a store like Ann Taylor are particularly expensive, because here the general price of a single product only $ 38 - represents the latest jewelry fashion, apparel industry sales fell sharply last year, Retailers have to seize the sales of such products. Cost-conscious shoppers may not patronize the clothing department, but buying jewelry as a shortcut to upgrade their wardrobe.
And jewelry, as you do not need bags to the locker room and changing, more is purchased by an impulse, mainly to meet the spiritual level of a shopping. Fashion blog writer, editor and Dianna Barros said: "The bags will not pick one, the supra shoes affordable thin ring of fat Yan." According to market research firm NPD Group Inc's data show that last year, the United States purchased 375 900 000 handbag. However, the same jewelry, earrings, and baby sales strategy different.
Jewelry usually have a high profit margin (sometimes even more than 60%), it is very profitable. Bags in the production of more complex, so profit margins will be lower. Profit margins are usually high-priced bag is below 30%. Coach created a junior brand bags. The figure on the left is the Coach bag, has its "C" type of Logo. Ann Taylor's Logo in-house. Ann Taylor bag right side of this is for those who want to work a lot of women back design. But the retailers hope that these bags to complete the requirements of their two higher goal: the shopping mall shoppers have a more luxurious on the number of impressions, there is help make all aspects of store shoppers from the wallet of every sub- money - clothes, shoes, jewelry, and bags, one less.
Now, consumers are more willing to multi-comparison, find the most cost-effective place of purchase, and before that concept during the boom time sensitive shopper’s sharp contrast. Before the boom, people may only seek to quickly rush to buy goods, and then quickly washed out. Talbots's CEO Michael Salon said they do not to buy bags, ladies and then went to another store to go. Even before the recession hit, many retailers appear to have found a decline in sales because shoppers are tired of their clothing style. After the economic downturn, in turn many retailers, including Talbots pushed to the edge of collapse.
Now, many chains have a solid financial situation a lot, they want to eliminate a year ago to deal with shelves full of the kind of impression. They want consumers to regard them tory burch shoes the primary level of luxury dealers.
The strategy is to encourage women to buy a wider range of family clothing as part of the campaign. Ann Taylor Stores, president of Christine Beauchamp said: "The hand bag business is to start building an excellent way to brand." In the "Sex and the tory burch flats " 10 years after its launch, as a bag of items to show off the minds of consumers have in-depth. And Snob Global Media Inc.'s Co-founder Kelly Cook said the bag was a status symbol. She said: "People are very attached to their bags." Part of this attachment is from the installation of these items in the bag. Ms. Cook said: "It's like the ladies to leave the house after the family." As a consequence of the recession, Cook said Ms. shopping comes to those who have started small bag with a Logo. They began to favor manual tory burch reva and design. Cortex is feeling luxury? Lining is solid? Sewing accurate? Bag inside the quality is often better able to explain it: the more attention to details, the better the quality.
She said: "If the internal concerns have invested so you can be sure they must have put 10 times the external concerns."
And, like shoes, handbags, the brand is also very sensitive. Shopping Litho new price package will be the most famous designers (like Marc by Marc Jacobs), the primary luxury brands (like Tory Burch and Rebecca Mink off), there is the ubiquitous Coach Inc (10 years ago, the brand for President We believe the need to frequently replace the hand-bag) collection of cheap price constraint. This may be tory burch handbags this question: Will shoppers in general spent a lot of money to buy a small brand of bag, and the price of this bag and the bag almost as a luxury brand? Meaghan Mahoney Ducal the person in charge said she wanted readers of the site is a professional designer handbags, bags with high technical reputation. Ms. Mahoney Ducal said: "spend $ 400, they will choose to buy some brand package."
However, the market can not be said handbag is very secure. According to data from NPD Group, sales were down last year, Ms. Handbag by 4.2%, to 92 billion U.S. dollars. In this tory burch sandals market, more than 200 U.S. dollars the amount of women buying the package only to 1%.
But the market now shows some signs of life: According to NPD Group data, the first three months of this year, the purse increased sales by 31%. But cheap chic bag is tiffany jewelry popular: According to data from NPD Group, last year, sales of handbags, the average price is $ 24, while 60% of the sale of goods is 15 Yuan. However, Ann Taylor said that they launched last fall in the store for $ 148 to $ 278 between the new bags did not come across a lot of resistance. Shoppers can spend about 200 dollars for a large, leather bag. (In contrast, Coach brand also similar to the lowest price for 298 U.S. dollars). Ms. Beauchamp, president, said chain is mainly for those who want a can hold a lot of things during the day and evening bags are pitched.
Ms. Beauchamp said: "We are very concerned about the quality and hope that these bags can look back to their hard-earned value."
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The Wall Street Journal: the expensive bags
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