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 "Wearing a bag," the LV bag and the real estate license of those thing

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PostSubject: "Wearing a bag," the LV bag and the real estate license of those thing    Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:48 pm

July 24, former director of Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, the party secretary, the former high-tech Development Zone, Wenzhou, director Dai bags yard be expelled from the party. Dai Goose after the incident, investigators found at his home a lot of "treasure": a dozen of the real estate license, dozens of million each value LV bag brand-name women, there are a few pounds of fine Codices. ("Xinhua" July 26)
Opaque in the reality of official property, Dai Goose many baby will undoubtedly become evidence of their corruption. It is reported that due to his "collection" that dozens of brand LV bag, he also had a resounding name - "wearing a bag." A bit like a collection of hobby was to blame. But, like Dai Huron so infatuated in package is still a minority. In particular, as men, such as Dai Huron things infatuation in a woman is even rarer. This is also surprising that Internet users are calling him "wearing a bag."
In fact, according to Dai Goose home collected stolen goods, he should be a few other name - "Day card", "wearing caterpillar fungus." Codices upper most people do not
What it is, I took to analyze the analysis of real estate license.
Some time ago, a government official said that he can not afford housing. That may be the truth. But this time, "Dai card" has been found in one breath more than a dozen of the real estate license, he will not can not afford housing, on the contrary, he is living at the tory burch in which to worry about. Wenzhou high cost of land of land, estimated a lifetime of a large family who will not lead to a "real estate license." "Dai card" How can this be?
Are these houses are relatives and friends, on his real estate license is only temporary here?
If so, his friends too relieved, will be so valuable real estate license temporarily placed Dai Goose doing here? Dai Goose home so much real estate license, he is the former director of Wenzhou High-tech Development Zone. People's first reaction is collusion and corruption. Dai Goose home these bags, but also fascinating. First, they women bag, and secondly, are valuable. Are these women famous LV bag is a female friend, the bag fell on his only chance here? Or a Dai Goose gets it, ready to give female friends?
What kind of female friends, so stylish, so extravagant, so much need bags? There are a lot of female friends, each person one or a few?
A few days ago, there are anti-corruption experts Ninety percent of the opposite sex and more corrupt officials, the problem exists. Is "wear bags" there are many behind the "second wife, three milk ... ...” can also have the tory burch shoes sex problem? Currently, Dai Goose how much a woman having an affair with, even though people had already uproar, but no official announcement of its authority figures. Further, in the end what people gave so much to the Dai Goose "package", so many real estate license, so many fine Codices; even so many beautiful "second wife" mean? Currently, Diageo Sen. has sacked the bribe payer is who? Tory burch flats an arrest it? Among them, the existence of corruption Woman it? Home Builders and Dai Goose what is the relationship between the in the end? Dai Goose behind if there are more corrupt officials need to "dig"? Each of the above problems needs to be answered.
More food for thought, the Dai Goose by provincial and municipal discipline inspection departments do not go abroad in the investigation of the former Party Secretary Yang Xian Hong Lunching case "pull out the carrot out of mud" and fell. Yang Xian Hong, if not things "big trouble", Dai Goose be sacked it? Dai Goose Look Ma, Yang tory burch reva are still at large, which is not also a great irony? No one will be happy because of corrupt officials sacked, because there are too many corrupt officials behind against the public interest; no one solved the cases, but happy, because the case is solved, people are in varying degrees of commitment to the consequences of the incident.

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"Wearing a bag," the LV bag and the real estate license of those thing
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