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 The wheat bags with happy Juju

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PostSubject: The wheat bags with happy Juju    Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:49 pm

Three years, to achieve the triple jump. In 2008 sales reached 3.8 million Yuan wheat bags, 2009, annual sales of more than 2000 million, as of the end of September this year, sales of over billion.
"Yen come and go, please note that" This search is now more and more players the game has become friends in the wheat bags per week will be playing games on the site. Every weekend night, a group of people will visit the official website wheat bags, by page look at web pages, carefully searching for a name of "Yen," the mysterious figure. Where honor is found in the product name "Yen come and go, please note that" the words of the consumers, they can at very low prices, the merchandise in the bag.
"Friends of Michael Day of the month, when consumers want to listen to us on the particular views and suggestions put forward, which is the biggest help for us." Stern Jinxing, Zhejiang wheat bags leather Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as wheat bread package), general louboutin pumps of Ye Kaifeng, is to be millions of people search for "Yen" and who was born in 1976, "Yen," age is not old, but his qualifications in the luggage industry, but not shallow. Into e-commerce five years ago, he has been operating in the traditional bags in ten years.
2007 was a watershed in old leaves. VISCONTI bags in Italy, the angel fund investment group, the old Ye Chenille the wheat bags. This year, Internet stocks, e-commerce because the first only - Net Sun Toole listed in the Mainland (in December 2006 listed) and become the benchmark for e-commerce. Since then, the Development of e-commerce market, operating from the early start to the extensive evolution of industry segments.
Luggage has many years of experience in the old leaves; look for e-commerce in this direction is correct, and innovative and creative in order to maintain the sustainable development of e-commerce. Old leaves trying to do are to provide consumers with the most cutting-edge, the most fashionable style bags. Wheat bags in 2007 Venice, Italy, set tory burch China's first "Fashion Research Centre Europe, wheat bags," and luggage in the self-built production base in Jinxing, Zhejiang, the full realization of R & D to manufacturing, to the vertical consumption among users, they want to value to the user to create fashion.
The joy of the farm economy and cultural
within the company, employees are not known as Ye Kaifeng, but address him or nickname old leaves the sea, which is wheat bags idea of a "farm culture." Old leaves are like the call. In the absence of a sense of distance environment, personality and passion of to be released more easily, which is old leaves want. "Let the employees happy to work, they can create more value." Yen said.
At 11:20 on October 22 or so, all four wheat bags Li Industrial Park, the exhibition hall, a girl being interviewed and wheat bags of male employees is communication. "I prefer the culture here; I hope the happy atmosphere in this work." Says the girl candidates.
"Millet", "credit", "hunter tribe", "Bengali Pavilion", "production brigade", "agricultural stations" and other distinctive names, represents different tory burch shoes wheat bags. In the open office, the top of each of the different departments, who will be hanging above the colorful brand, casual and warm?
And film of the same name, "millet" is actually operating divisions, "credit" is the Ministry of Finance, "Agricultural Station" is a Marketing Department, and "tribal hunter" is the Ministry of Personnel. "Each of us here has a nickname, not directly tory burch flats names. Each sector will have a name; the name is out in consultation with the chiefs. Here, our work advocates happy, sunshine, fashion. "Entry in the summer like just over a year, told reporters.
Happy working environment for the wheat bags to create more value. As the end of September this year, sales of wheat bags has more than billion, below the industry average return rate, so that wheat bags popularity soared. Employees happy, happy for the users to create shopping environment, the joy of wheat bags everywhere, it triggered a chain reaction is to enhance efficiency.
"Clothing & Accessories (including luggage included) online shopping industry standard rate of return is 5%, while wheat bags less than 2% return rate in the industry. We do not trick, but it made net purchases of goods as a traditional product, technical tory burch reva to do optimization, multi-dimensional understanding of the product to consumers, the product has a more intuitive feel and understand, is expected to reduce the risk of the consumer. "Yen said.
90% of the online sales of products offered by partners, breaking the tradition of old leaves in the past. In the rapid development of innovative products with the basis of ability, wheat bags also tory burch handbags a web-based order-driven system of production and sales of M2C. All development, production and operations around the customer order to operate both, according to customer demand, achieve the production requirements.
Extend the value of affiliate marketing
Old leaves to spend more time thinking about every day is not the company's future long-term planning, but from a pragmatic point of view to provide consumers with the tory burch sandals assured and most fashionable products. "Rather than spend more time planning for the future, it is better to do the work every day." Yen practice.
Screen name "good and excellent" is the wheat bags of loyal users. More than two years, at least in wheat shopping bags more than 20 times, not only for him, but also bought to give friends and family. Rest assured that his wheat bags are inexpensive simplest and most direct evaluation.
There are many similar members, is the practice of old leaves with their viscosity reduced the distance. Member of the value chain can be extended, while the old leaves to do, is to provide better services for members and then to further tap the potential value of membership, that their influence and driven more incremental members. Membership to Stock of wheat bags to create value in more than 50%, Yen said: "We repeat customers if calculated on an annual basis, it reached 50%, if at semi-annual basis, 35% repeat customers." Introverted customers about the stock of old leaves, the eye surface trace of gratitude.
Wheat bags have an intimate member of the name - "Friends of wheat." Compared to ordinary customers, "Mr. Friends" with exclusive offers and coupons, exclusive events, maltose fashion periodicals, Birthday Gifts double the multiple policies.
And "wheat" Friends of the interaction, in fact, there are a lot of knowledge. Journals on a regular basis such as maltose fashion to the consumer subscriptions, magazine which carries a coupon. Such as the purchase of more than 500 Yuan a packet, use the 100 coupon. According to the different amount of consumption, advantages coach outlet online were set up the amount of 5 to 100 Yuan for consumer use. "This not only increases the viscosity of the consumer, but also plays a role in driving incremental customers. In many cases, the stock will these coupons to customers incremental customers, we expect to achieve."
To thank the many "Mr. Friends" long-term support, 22 month old leaves to set up a "Friends of Michael Day" Feedback "Mr. Friends." As a member of the common wheat bags festival, "Mr. Friends Day" in July 22 debut, "Mr. Friends" early adopters experience a new experience, special offers, exclusive 3 fold, consumer spending timberland boots about by the double integral pleasure. The first "Friends of Michael Day" that day, wheat bags official website of more than thirty thousand new registered members, at three times the usual sales, new record high.
People who are familiar with old leaves, commented, old leaves in the area of electronic commerce are one of the few people who are more subtle. On the surface, his lack of passion and tension, but in fact, this is only the expression of different ways. In his dictionary, to do every day is the most important keywords. In his heart gucci outlet have to do the planning for the wheat bags, listed may be within the next three years he was one of the expansion path.
"The future may be listed, but as to how to market, is still no clear idea. I always think that as long as the general direction is right, we should keep walking, some things can not be too early to plan, because the market is always changing. Enterprises sustainable development, people are the most important factor, to create a happy working environment than the future of the business plan is more important. Employees happy, will have better working conditions, their creativity and imagination, can create value. Though network purchase, but also allow consumers to feel happy, which is also the staff to create wealth. "

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The wheat bags with happy Juju
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