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 Wheat bags

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PostSubject: Wheat bags    Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:51 pm

on the habits of online shopping, and said, "Wheat bags," the luggage brand, will not be unfamiliar. The rapid development of China's fashion industry, but the field has always been missing luggage leading brands. In this context, the Italian fashion bags a designer handbags Years of international fashion group VISCONTI into China, Jinxing City investors to set up a wheat bags Leather Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "wheat bags").
Just 3 years, wrote the wheat bags myth of amazing wealth, wheat bags are now sold in the center, 150 customer service to sell 10,000 a day pack.
Wheat bags to submit transcripts at the same time also make people proud to think, how they were so effective customer service management? In this requires efficient interaction in the process of modern management, wheat bags full use of the Internet age provides useful resources, which provide an important weapon in the enterprise is QQ: through one-stop platform for business interaction, wheat bags have stability of the mass users, online interactive and efficient communication platform and a unified management platform, easy to build a consumer-centric "wheat bag-style" electronic new business.
The new consumer-centric business model
the face of the huge Internet temptation, struggling in traditional sectors, companies are testing the waters of the many e-commerce. But most companies are playing with toys tide of B to C, what kind of e-business models to gold in this area? Wheat bags began to try an innovative model: not only the Internet as a platform to showcase their products, but also diversified the product customization To business online promotion, so that consumers like the product of their choice, according to the product orders for production, and ultimately zero inventory of products. Today, wheat bags through the "product line customization to achieve zero inventory" of the marketing model has so many companies trying to copy.
To promote the successful completion of this process, wheat bags first need to recruit massive target customers. "Ten cent’s large user base is very attractive," said relevant wheat bags, Ten cent QQ has 613 million active users, and the maximum number of concurrent users exceeded 1 billion. The main target customer’s wheat tory burch in the 16-40 years old age groups, this age is in line with the highest use of QQ active population, and generally used to direct online inquiries to the way network.
Also taste the joy of mass target, wheat bags and found customers through business QQ unified management of the mass of the target customers with the simplest way to obtain the latest event information shortcuts. "A lot of customer’s online inquiry, the process will be compared considered. Enterprises Short Message feature allows these customers to continue to focus on new products, there is always a favorite bag and they will eventually buy. Even if some have not been reached to purchase intention We can also do a market survey to find them, what they want, like what? This information later to adjust our product direction is the data source. "
The original, in addition to online communication, business QQ also offers such as "bulk customer surveys" and other features of the value-added services, "We want to provide users with enterprise QQ instant messaging, online marketing, customer management, integration services," director of corporate QQ Products Yao tory burch shoes said that enterprises QQ is the mass of customers in the enterprise and between resources in an Internet-based communication platform, and provides a powerful management platform to enable enterprises to provide 24 * 7 online service, and by operating activities to potential customers into reality buyers.
"Any new products, new services, notifications, messaging, can only take 10 minutes to notify more than 20 million customers before, greatly increasing marketing opportunities," said the head of wheat bags can accommodate 25 million friends QQ can be a tory burch flats of the enterprise and multi-customer communication, and group management objectives wheat bags can also help customers to different series of product information sent to the different needs of targeted customers.
New low cost benefits of new business
In addition to providing efficient customer service and effective customer relationship management to provide a complete solution, wheat bags are created through tory burch reva QQ a professional, efficient, clear division of labor, the development of a virtuous circle of customer service team to record "150 a day selling 10,000 bags, "the miracle.

QQ provides enterprise management of multiple numbers, work number and session information rights management to view, daily management of the basic functions of the internal customer service management, both for the enterprise cost savings, but also improve efficiency. "QQ provide detailed business information management tool that can help us real-time inspection and supervision work tory burch handbags service staff." Wheat bags relevant responsible person said, the enterprise provides the background QQ management system allows administrators to easily grasp the customer service team team's progress, according to their working condition, adjust the division of customer service and development. More importantly, companies QQ to the Internet's inherent ease of use, low-cost interactive features such as strong, and to optimize the customer service process, customers also can reduce tory burch sandals costs, more effectively reduce the inputs in the market the cost of customer service management point of view from within the marketing effectiveness to help companies do more with less.
Adhering to the fast fashion (fast fashion) brand characteristics of wheat bags has always been to "fast" to win, they established within 7 days rapid reaction chain, from the discovery of the latest fashion elements to the design applied to the bag, a version of the finished product and bulk sale immediately, as long as 7 days to complete. Official tiffany jewelry from design to sales also controls within 15 days. In the same attention to, "precious in war" marketing, whether it is the diversity of external online marketing or customer service and efficient work of internal state, wheat bags with consumers through real-time enterprise QQ interaction, real-time management customer service team from access to information and quickly adjusted.
Throughout the wheat bags of new electronic business models, consumer-centric approach is undoubtedly the key to success. That the consumer coach outlet what is produced, the production captures much of the customization of the largest consumer who wishes to buy in large part to avoid the commercial risk, but also can receive the maximum return. Sense, this layer, wheat bags to get through the business use of corporate QQ is focused on user experience and consumer success. In Ten cent view, after the QQ platform for enterprises to expand not only connect with consumers, will also be connected enterprise, business and consumers, and even businesses and enterprises. This wheat bag to a new e-business, is it will give the professional production management system and smooth the industry chain of help, leaving a lot of imagination to the industry.
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Wheat bags
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